Meet the Metas


A “Meta” stands for Meta-being, which is a person, animal, or vegetable that possesses powers and abilities beyond what’s considered normal. There are eight known Meta power classifications. These classifications have been established to simplify Meta identification and provide a quick framework to understand a Meta’s potential superpowers and capabilities. Note: Metas can possess superpowers in more than one classification. In addition, Metas can evolve over time in both the superpowers they express, as well as the effectiveness of their superpowers.

Due to the wide range of Meta abilities, superpowers have been further segmented into power levels. Power levels differ across Meta power classifications. In general, the following power levels have been established:

  • Meta 0: Displays no Meta power.
  • Meta 1: Displays limited Meta power.
  • Meta 2: Displays considerable Meta power.
  • Meta 3: Displays extreme Meta power.

This Gallery features the Meta Profiles of those heroes and villains that feature most prominently in the world of Epic Zero.


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